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MAX DUO is a puzzle game in development for the Android platform.

When the game starts up it will display a grid of tiles with a hint presented just above that. At the top of the screen there will be a timer. The player will have to progress through two phases of the puzzle; a matching phase and then a tile swapping phase. The player's goal will be to match the hint as quickly as possible.


A few different modes will be ready upon release. They include a single player mode, a multi player mode, and a "time attack" mode in which players from around the world can play scheduled puzzles throughout the day with the goal of having the fastest time. Think fast, and good luck.

Because portions of MAX DUO: match & swap puzzle game will require access to an online server network, users will be asked if they would like renew their access to the online modes for a small annual subscription fee. (That fee will be covered for a year with your initial purchase of the game. More information on this can be found in the frequently asked questions down below.)

The intended release date for MAX DUO is mid 2019.

MAX DUO was started in May of 2018. A month later the game was at E32018. It goes to show, with passion and dedication a solid game concept can be on the show floor of E3. At Team Keisan, we couldn't be more proud of that.

Some frequently asked questions:

Why a subscription based game?


We have decided to go with an annual subscription for MAX DUO: match & swap puzzle game to help us cover the cost of running an online server network for the online portion of the game. Servers cost money to build and maintain. A small annual subscription fee we believe is the best way to cover those costs without compromising any of the gameplay for users.



What about Advertising?


One of our primary goals for MAX DUO is to keep the game free of advertising, especially for its initial release to the mobile market. We want to keep the game free of advertising because we understand that some of our target market doesn’t have time to sit through a minute or two of ads when they’re taking a break from their daily routine. We want MAX DUO to be a game where the user can jump in for five minutes, play a round of two of the game, and be confident and satisfied with the experience they have.



What all do I get with an initial purchase of MAX DUO: match & swap puzzle game?


With your purchase of MAX DUO, you’ll have access to the entire game for a full year. (That includes single, multi, and online player modes of the game.) After that first year is up, you’ll be asked if you’d like to renew your subscription to the online based portions of the game. For a small annual fee a player can choose to renew their access to online mode and potential multi-player online options. If the user feels they would prefer not to renew, they will continue to have access to single player mode and portions of the multi-player modes that don’t require access to the server. (To clarify, at all times with or without renewing your subscription after the first year, a player will always have access to single player mode and certain portions of multi-player mode.)

The following is a link to our gameplay animation video and screenshots:

youtube -

main menu

matching phase

matching phase

tile swapping phase

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